EFG International

Our approach

Our team delivers intelligent strategies for thoughtful investors. We believe:

  • In independent thinking within a structured environment. We are not limited to any benchmark or investment style, and our solutions draw on the best products in the market (open architecture).
  • That investment decisions should be informed by insightful macro-economic and market research. Our investment solutions draw on extensive proprietary research - see Reports & publications.
  • That a dynamically managed, multi-asset portfolio can achieve consistent long-term positive returns. We put our multi-asset expertise to work in achieving this for clients.
  • In the supporting strength of a disciplined investment process. Find out more about ours.

What we offer

Managed accounts form the heart of our investment solutions, by virtue of being highly bespoke and flexible. With a strong focus on risk, we craft the right solution for each client, in order to meet their goals and risk tolerance.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, our recommended investment solution could focus on a relatively limited range of asset classes (for example, cash and high-grade bonds to provide yield enhancement). However, many solutions will be multi-asset, blending a mix of three broad asset classes: equities, fixed income and alternative investments. We also offer a range of pure alternative strategies – for more information on these, please talk to your Client Relationship Officer.

Guideline portfolio compositions

Our multi-asset strategies aim to deliver the highest potential long-term returns by actively managing a diversified portfolio of assets, with a managed level of risk. They draw on three important elements:

  • Unique market insight. The EFGAM research team analyses a wide range of macro-economic, market and asset class data to identify financial trends, anomalies and opportunities. This proprietary research is synthesised, put into context for clients and used to inform their investment solutions.
  • Dynamic asset allocation. This is a key determinant of portfolio returns. We make full use of strategic and tactical asset allocation techniques to add value and keep a balance of risk and return. Long-term strategic decision-making, which is informed by fundamental global trends, is complemented by dynamic, tactical asset allocation decisions (possibly on a daily basis) to take advantage of immediate market events. Our investment team combines this top-down approach with bottom-up security and manager selection.
  • Open architecture. We draw on the best investment products from the market. This eradicates conflicts of interests, and enables us to craft the right investment solutions for clients.

The strength of our investment process, combined with the expertise of our multi-disciplined investment team, means that our managed accounts have a record of top quartile performance. Other benefits include complete transparency in relation to fees, as well as comprehensive and efficient account administration.

Managed accounts are typically available for clients with over $US 1 million in assets. We also offer dedicated investment solutions called Managed Fund Portfolios (MFPs) to clients with US$250,000.

For more information, please talk to you Client Relationship Officer.

About our team

Our team

Ours is a highly professional and multi-disciplinary team, drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures:

  • Senior members of our team have worked together at EFG for more than a decade, ensuring continuity of experience and approach.
  • Research lies at the heart of EFG’s investment approach. Our macro research team conducts extensive proprietary research and liaises daily with investment managers.
  • Our portfolio management team crafts investment solutions for clients, drawing on the views of the research team and working closely with Client Relationship Officers.
  • Our alternative strategies team has the expertise to identify compelling opportunities in the alternative sector, allowing clients to invest in them with conviction.

All our investment experts have strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities, but they also listen to clients and talk to them in language they understand. In this way, they seek to craft the right solution for each client.

About EFG Investment Solutions

We are a specialist investment team at the heart of EFG’s private banking service. Our professionals work hand-in-hand with Client Relationship Officers (CROs), crafting the right investment solution for each client.

We offer a range of bespoke, actively-managed investment solutions. These range from traditional equity and fixed income portfolios to sophisticated multi-asset strategies.

Our team of experienced investment professionals is international in scope, with offices in London, New York, Zurich, Geneva, Hong Kong, Singapore and Miami. Together, we  manage approximately $9 billion for clients (end-April 2013).